Areas of expertise

1. Criminal and misdemeanor law

Our team offers services in all areas of Criminal Law matters meaning that as defense lawyers they offer legal representation, defense and legal help to the accused before all domestic courts and to our citizens abroad in accordance with the laws of the foreign country.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcomes in criminal and misdemeanor proceedings as well as economic offences.

Areas of expertise in criminal and misdemeanor law

  1. Criminal law
  2. Misdemeanor offences
  3. Proceedings on economic offences

2. Business law

The right law firm can be the deciding factor in the progress and development of your business potential. In today’s dynamic and demanding business environment dealing with company and trade law can be a real challenge for all participants in the market but which can be successfully met with the help of a professional team of lawyers.

Considering the complexities of these areas of law, we approach each problem from all different angles which always provides additional advantages and the ability to offer all-encompassing and pragmatic advice.

Areas of expertise in business law:

  1. Company and Commercial Law
  2. Intellectual Property Law
  3. Labour Law
  4. Tax Law

3. Civil law

Our approach to any query concerning the Civil Law area is always speedy, proactive and highly respectful of your privacy as we strive to solve your problem as effectively as possible.

Due to our rich and extensive work experience and a high percentage of won cases, our legal team, deservedly so, enjoys the trust of many a client who on daily bases seek our advice on various legal issues in the area of Civil Law.

Areas of expertise in civil law:

  1. Dispute settlement - Civil procedure
  2. Law on contracts and torts
  3. Family Law
  4. Inheritance Law
  5. Civil Enforcement Procedure

4. Real estate

Investing in real estate is one of the most popular and most common ways of investing in Serbia. In order for such investments to be profitable a lot of preconditions have to be met.

We represent and advise investors, construction companies, real estate buyers and renters in all areas of their business endeavors.

Bearing in mind the complexities of projects in this area, we successfully combine the knowledge of our team for achieving the most optimal decision and advice. We advise our clients every step of the way from the building phase all the way to the purchase contracts or lease agreements of the desired real estate.

Real estate has many peculiarities related to the field and so we collaborate with renown experts, professors and experienced city planners in order to offer our clients a complete, all-inclusive service.

5. Administrative law

We offer verbal legal advice, drafting of all various types of Articles and representation in legal proceedings before all state authorities (ministries and other authorities, organizations which are holders of public authorities).

We represent natural and legal persons before the Administrative Court and its departments in order to protect and maintain the rights of clients and the participants in this type of proceedings if such protection was not achieved in the Administrative procedure.

6. Representation in international courts and other judicial organs

Our Firm provides legal services in the areas of human and minority rights as well as representation in the European Court of Human rights, Strasburg, and other international institutions whose jurisdiction our country recognizes and with whom it has signed treaties.

In case your legal rights were not recognized in the Republic of Serbia, we represent and advise clients how to get their rights recognized in accordance with the practice of the European Court of Human Rights, as well as other mechanisms for protection of rights in accordance with international agreements signed by the Republic of Serbia.

7. Immigration Law and the rights of foreigners

Our team of lawyers offers all foreign nationals and foreign companies all services dealing with a full spectrum of legal rules and regulations in the Republic of Serbia. Starting with immigration and getting the residence permit, advising employees buying property, solving their personal status, forming a company and finishing with legal representation.

Our services include getting a residence and a work permit as a foreigner in the Republic of Serbia, being employed in the Republic of Serbia, getting and relinquishing Serbian citizenship, opening a bank account as a nonresident, advising on property acquisition for foreigners and all dealing with all other issues nonresidents may be faced with.

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